Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is an official announcement by Caspian Low Pin Pin :

our class magazine is available now!

The magazines are to be distributed to all 08' 5szhong students only.

::Here's how to get it::

-Attend our gathering on 12/12, pay RM20 and take the magazine back home.

If you can't attend the gathering,
-Ask any of our classmate (your friend) to pay it and keep it for you first, and settle it among yourselves, you and your chosen friend.

If you don't want the magazine,
-No other option if you didn't mention earlier that you don't want the magazine. It is made for you so buying it is compulsory!

We have to pay the company as soon as possible. Make sure that you pay during that day. If you face any problem regarding the magazine, (e.g the price is too expensive, request for late payment etc.) kindly leave a polite comment. That means, no rudeness.
Kok Pin will reply you.

If you are the 'guest' in the chatbox...


Ho Kit said...

our class magazine finally out liao lo...
tq for all the committee who worked so hard for it...

yogurt said...

YEAH! Our class magazine~~
Shoot that guest back for spoiling our class image! Haha..
Thanks kok pin and all of them who contribute to this. I will ask someone to get it for me.
Thanks again! =>

rachel said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who had spent so much time completing this, i even feel guilty that i couldnt help
anyway thank you we appreciate it <3

caspian said...

I love to see these good comments!!hahaha...btw,our effort is not wasted at last...looking forward to it during the gathering lor

caspian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ninigirl said...

woo!!! finally it's ready!
guys~ really appreciate so much! although it's late but it's worth waiting for the magazine! thanks for all of your effort doing dis!
cant wait to look at the magazine!

ck said...

two thumbs up for the hard effort

阿炳 said...

finally can c my 10++paged 感言^^

Jacky said...

Haha..ah beng your ganyan so long...ehh,we really thank all those who have committed themselves to producing the class mag,it's not an easy task, considering the fact that you all have to attend college everyday and have lots of assignments to complete.BRAVO! =)

style said...

Good job!!
there r a lot of sweet memories in ch inside it! XD

style said...

forgot to say,tq sooo much!

阿炳 said...

more important...
dun border "guest"...
i tink no ppl invite him 2 gather
so he feel jealous
den cum here fool around!!

yinghui said...

sorry beng...
i din print out all ur 10++ pages...
too expensive...
ofcos juz those drwaings lar..ganyan are still there dun worry..
sorry ya..

jh said...

thx for all committee~~

tofu said...

omg cant wait to see the mag~~ =>

Anonymous said...

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