Saturday, October 25, 2008

Janda Baik 一日游



凯豪被水蛭咬! 哇哈哈哈!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Details about the class trip.

Direct copypasta from Jia Nee's blog.

Picture removed XD

i have made some research on the net...
about our class trip...
i have chosen some which is quite useful
if your are free or sien... press some to hav a look lol ^.^

this is about gua tempurung

at 1st, by loooking pic... my 1st feeling was...
oh.. scouting again...
bt... i heard jia wen n duno who... they went there be4..
they said that this place was wonderful and very enjoyable!!!
So... i decided to trust them...
let us hav fun there...

this is kuala gula

this is the condominium we are going to book in pulau pangkor--coral bay

Attention: there is kitchen and living room in the condominium o...
hope that we are still able to book few of them...
wOw.. GUD fren said his father is close with the boss of coral bay...
and he said we sure can enjoy as all the furniture is new!!!NEW man!!!
maybe can get cheaper.. wakaka...
fortunately i posted dis blog... i can get his help le!!! haha...


DAY 01 吉隆坡~椰壳洞~瓜拉牛拉 ( 茶点,BBQ晚餐)

0700hrs 出发前往怡保

0900hrs 参观椰壳洞

1230hrs 午餐

1300hrs 出发前往瓜拉牛拉

1430hrs 参观炭窑,了解木炭制作过程及巴登红树林的优良管理系统


1530hrs 享用茶点(米粉炒螃蟹)

1800hrs 出海观看季候鸟,了解渔夫捕鱼,亲身体验捞蚶,入住度假屋

2000hrs 享用BBQ晚餐,观看星星,钓鱼

2200hrs 自由活动,休息

DAY 02 瓜拉牛拉 ~邦咯岛 ( 早餐,午餐)

0800hrs 用早餐

0830hrs 红树林徒步,认识红树林的生态

1000hrs 参观野生动物局管理的水鸟解说中心

1100hrs 参观巴拉煎厂 (解说巴拉煎制作过程、品质辨别、市场等)

1200hrs 午餐

1245hrs 回住宿

1330hrs Check Out

1500hrs 出发前往邦咯岛

1730hrs 抵达红土坎,乘船前往邦咯岛

1830hrs 抵达码头后乘坐德士进入度假屋

2000hrs 想用晚餐, 自由活动,休息

DAY 03 邦咯岛环岛游 ( 午餐,晚餐)

0800hrs 早餐

0900hrs 出海前往浮潜及酒店内享用丰盛自助式早餐。准备好您的泳装和戏水装备,
风侵蚀演化成的『乌龟岩』及 邦咯渔民的的精神象征『观音庙』。本公司亦准备好救
带鱼进行一次亲近又甜 密的约会

1200hrs 午餐

1300hrs 自由活动,如:踏脚车,团康游戏,沙滩活动或环岛游

1900hrs 晚餐

DAY 04 邦咯岛~安顺~吉隆坡 ( 午餐)

0800hrs 早餐

0900hrs 自由活动,团员可在洁白的沙滩嬉乐

1200hrs 午餐

1300hrs 午餐过后前往码头乘搭巴士回吉隆坡

1400hrs 途经安顺参观斜塔,购买土产等等
1830hrs 抵达吉隆坡 团费:RM398






7餐膳食(1早餐,1X茶点,3X午餐,2X晚餐-1餐馆,1 BBQ晚餐)





erm... as i said we are trying to book the coral bay condominium... so the fees will be higher and the breakfast will not be a problem after we have booked the condominium as it is in a package... if failed to book condominium.. we might get 4 sharing hotel...

If there is any problem... pls tell me...
or if there is any part you are not satisfy... pls do tell me too..
i'll talk to the tour guide...

Lastly, i have put much effort in this trip o
Hope my dearest classmates satisfy with what i have prepared for you all^.^
muacks!!! - Quote end

Satellite view of Coral Bay from wikimapia.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

You got nothing to do?

Hey guys, since year-end exam has ended, we will be spending most of our time at home. So, here's a blog where you can you can get all sort of trial papers. I don't know if this the the blog teacher mentioned before though.

But sorry, I don't do printing service. =)

Good luck!

Thursday, October 2, 2008