Saturday, May 30, 2009

5szhong bond is a STRONG bond:)

hey dear 5s zhong buddies..i'm jianee
listen to me..
i heard lots of erm... "sound" after this coming saturday gathering was organized
don't let this to affect our friendship can???:D

i know gathering is very important for us..
but for those they cannot attend i believe they must have concrete reasons on it
why should we accuse them by posting their reasons in such way to embarrase them?
am i right?
i believe all of 5szhong buddies crave to attend this gathering!

i'm sorry that i couldnt visit this blog so frequently and dont know what actually happened..
i have to apologize.. i'm not a gud monitor:(
but i promise i will visit and update as frequent as i can so that this blog is alive 4eva!!!
let me compensate can?

i was actually planning to hav ANNUAL GATHERING for 5szhong
i hope it's not too late to inform you all now...
it's on december as december will be holiday for almost all institutions
everyone should reserve this day annually for our gathering..
we'll 1st meet in chong hwa:D can? can? can?
other than this annual gathering of course we can have small small gathering as we like
just that we cant expect all to attend as not everyone will be free at that time...
so if u agree with me...
come.. suggest me when is the most convenient date for us to gather^^


p/s: actually i cant go for the 1st gathering i think i am not suppose to speak here but... pls forgive me...participants rmb to share happiness with us o!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our very first gathering

Update 26/5 : We may need to collect about RM 10 from everyone for the food. (price not confirmed.)

Okay guys, it's confirmed that we are going to hold our very first BBQ gathering this coming school holiday.

Date: 6/6/2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Ka Wun's house (Kepong)
Time: 6.30 p.m.

Organiser: yansheng, kawun and me.

Kawun's house @wikimapia (approx. on the crosshair in the middle of the page)

List of attendees:

  1. 传翔

  2. 彦盛

  3. 俊怡

  4. 淑仪

  5. 嘉仪

  6. 美廷

  7. 宝利

  8. 瑾瑜

  9. 绍泉

  10. 家伟

  11. 芷莹

  12. 炳森

  13. 嘉幸

  14. 庆燊

  15. 诗文

  16. 丽君

  17. 凯贤

  18. 朝宏

  19. 仪君老师

  20. 素安

  21. 依凌

  22. 明莉

  23. 雪丽

  24. 麒兆

  25. 永盛

  26. 丽明

  27. 国滨

  28. 洁虹

  29. 莉君

  30. 雪姣

  31. 颖慧

  32. 进兴

  33. 之婷

  34. 佩琪

  35. 美颖

  36. 佩颖

  37. 汶祥

  38. 慧卿

Friends that cannot attend:
  1. 荣君 (preparation camp for MPYO performance)

  2. 子莹 (air asia too expensive)

  3. 豪杰 (malaysia got H1N1, singapore is safer)

  4. 隆达 (jolin concert)

  5. 佳慧 (committee in a youth camp )

  6. 晓嘉 (semester exam)

  7. 咏娴 (balik kampung)

  8. 桂盛 (semester exam)

  9. 佳颖 (semester exam)

  10. 玮兴(too far)

  11. 嘉文 (outstation)

  12. 晓薇 (parents don't allow)

  13. 韦麟 (exam)

  14. 敏如 (outstation)

  15. 凯豪

  16. 晋妤

  17. 志庆

  18. 嘉倪

  19. 美吟

  20. 绍杰

ps: Transportation can be arranged if you don't know the way. =)

another ps: 仪君老师说她九点左右可以载你们到mutiara.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


He's back again!! Now as the organiser of our gathering.

yskia on 2009-05-19 5:11pm :
attention pls... as a organiser of our class gathering.. there will be a gathering held on 30May...location is sunway lagoon..pls vote for it
Date : 30 May 2009
Venue : Sunway Lagoon
Time : - - . - -
Price : XX

wan go? comment your name here~~

Friday, May 8, 2009


When is your vacation?
post it here and then we can plan a gathering when we're free :-)

who want to be the organizer?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lousy Essay

I'm LATEE. Should've posted this yesterday.

Anyway just wanna inform you guys,QingShen has opened a blog.

Lousy Essay

He hope that through the blog, we can exchange ideas and identify grammtical error in the hope to improve our English. Feel free to read and leave a comment on his blog.

Good luck guys. =)