Friday, August 21, 2009

Down MeMoRy LaNe ..

it has been half a year since we're not seeing each other everyday in the same class as we did , for the past few years ...
those were the days that always come across my mind , i'm sure you guys experience the same too .. lets review our story once again , but not forget , at the same time , look forward to what you are about to encounter in the future ^^

On the 29th of may 2008 , we had a gathering in tzu ying's house ..
i can still remember that i'm the earliest batch to reach her house ..
oh ya , that day my doggie followed as well ...haha ^^
i'll let the pictures do the talking then..

Some of the early birds ...

Sweet memories ...look at the smile on everyone's face..when was the last time we've been smiling like that together ?

Caspian and the kids ... they must have grown up alot ..hehe

Spot the difference of height ? haha XD

Tuesday, August 4, 2009