Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Annual Gathering #1 -- 12 December 2009

New update for our annual gathering on 12th december 2009

Meeting up place : Hyundai Building ( between SMKP and Mutiara Complex )
Meeting up time : 9.00 a.m.
Venue : Taman Pertanian Malaysia , Shah Alam

Estimated time of departure from TPM : 4.30 p.m.
Estimated time of arrival : 5.30p.m.

Attire & things to bring : i) 5SZhong (class of 2008) Tee shirt
ii) Sports attire (sports shoes / sneakers please !)
iii) Extra pair of clothings (if you want to change)
iv) Cap / Sunglasses / Sunblock
(if you are afraid of the sun)
v) Lots and lots of water & lunch box & cutleries
vi) Camera !!!
vii) Your 5szhong smiley souvenir from Ms Yong
viii) $$ to pay for the bus fee , lunch , entrance fee ,
and bike rental
* as we have not confirm the total amount of expenses , please bring RM 100 . (we won't be collecting that much from you , but bring more is better than not enough right ?)

please reply to let me know if u have noted this post , those who are not active online , please help to inform them via sms ...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


33 blue+ 8 yellow+10red, +4 orange + 2black= 54 rainbow

Blue ======Attend all the activities
Red (or brown?)========Not attending
Yellow ======attending evening session only
Orange=======attending morning session only
blaCK=======either not attending or suddenly pop out during that day.
Blank =======Waiting more blue to come? Sign up now la!!!

Orange will not meet up with yellow! think twice!!

fast fast fast laaaaaaaa~~~

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is an official announcement by Caspian Low Pin Pin :

our class magazine is available now!

The magazines are to be distributed to all 08' 5szhong students only.

::Here's how to get it::

-Attend our gathering on 12/12, pay RM20 and take the magazine back home.

If you can't attend the gathering,
-Ask any of our classmate (your friend) to pay it and keep it for you first, and settle it among yourselves, you and your chosen friend.

If you don't want the magazine,
-No other option if you didn't mention earlier that you don't want the magazine. It is made for you so buying it is compulsory!

We have to pay the company as soon as possible. Make sure that you pay during that day. If you face any problem regarding the magazine, (e.g the price is too expensive, request for late payment etc.) kindly leave a polite comment. That means, no rudeness.
Kok Pin will reply you.

If you are the 'guest' in the chatbox...