Friday, May 30, 2008

Details about Moral Project

Please note the following when working on your PM project.

1.) Make sure you copy all the pages on A4 paper, make it nice and decorate it as creative and artistic as possible. You may use decorative A4 papers.

2.) All pages are to be hand-copied except for the cover for the project which can be typed and printed from the computer. For the precise format of the cover, please refer to the piece of Lampiran 1 given to us by teacher before the holidays.

3.) Formats for last year's PM project and this year's might be different. For example, in the esei sections. Ignore all the differences and just copy them onto A4 paper. Please remember to write "Tugasan Harian X" on the upper-left corner of every Tugasan Harian. Beneath that, copy the question of the soalan esei. You can then proceed copying the whole esei under these two headings.

4.) The order of the whole project is to be according to what that is written in the piece of Lampiran 2 which is the Kandungan page that teacher gave us before the holidays. Please note about the exception that the 4 pages of 8 photos are to be arranged at the Lampiran section after the LAMPIRAN title paper, of which each in between, are the papers of the titles related to the activities taken in the photos.

5.) Remember to DRAW and COLOUR the titles for each section on an A4 paper as creatively as possible. Titles to be drawn and coloured include: TUGASAN HARIAN, LAMPIRAN, PERKEMBANGAN DIRI, KEKELUARGAAN, ALAM SEKITAR 1, ALAM SEKITAR 2, and SURAT AKUAN. You can choose to have the first letter of each title to be a capital letter, or have them all in capitals.

6.) Please remember that all the titles of the Tugasan Harian in the Kandungan page are to be the same as of those written on your Tugasan Harian A4 papers. E.g. Copy the title of the esei of the "......warga tua" in your kandungan the same as the one in your A4 paper. As for the Tugasan Harian 6, please copy the right title as the one that you took in your photos, whether it is "...mencuci kereta" or "...makan malam".

7.) The title for Tugasan Harian 4 is "KEPENTINGAN MENGHORMATI WARGA TUA". Please remember to copy this title as stated above when you copy the whole esei onto A4 paper. The same goes for the title in the Kandungan page.

8.) As for the Laporan Kerja Amal 1 & 2, you can COPY EVERYTHING AS IT IS on the 2 pieces of papers given to us by our teacher, REGARDLESS of whether the activities that you did in the photos are totally same as what is written on the 2 pieces of paper given to us by our teacher. But as for the two Laporan Kerja Amal papers which we have completed during Form 4 last year, please REMEMBER to add in some NILAIs at the "Kesan yang diperoleh". If you're not sure HOW, you can refer to THAT section of the Laporan Kerja Amal 1 & 2 papers, which are the ones stated just above.

9.) Copy the Kandungan page as it is in the Lampiran 2 that teacher photocopied for us. DO NOT INCLUDE PAGE NUMBERS. And as for the COVER for the whole project, which is the FRONT PAGE, the photo required should just be of passport-size, and NOT necessarily taken with your SCHOOL UNIFORM. Remember to SMILE!!

10.) Remember to send your pieces of papers to the photocopy shop for BINDING. Before that, make sure that you have all the pages in the correct order as written in the Kandungan page, including all the pages of your self-designed and self-coloured titles. The project must be complete and has to be ready to be handed in on the first day of school which is on the 9th of June, Monday.

That's all that you have to know when doing your PM project. The above info is provided by our beloved Moral subject assistant, Kar Yee. If you have any questions to ask about the PM project, please kindly leave a comment in the comments area of this post. Thank you.

Wish you all good luck in finishing the project,

Jacky. ^^