Monday, June 28, 2010

Illustrator is awesome too!!!

To those who drive:

1. If u are taking metrobus from mutiara, be careful as there are two Templer Parks. We are not going to the national service camp (i.e the fake Templer), so you should stop at the bus stop right opposite to the real Templer park. It's easy to recognize it, when you see Shell petrol station, prepare to press the bell!!!

2. If you are driving from mutiara, Templer Park is opposite your way. As for safety reason, you are advisable to follow the path of the ''map'' above. It's not a long way to Tesco where you can make a legal u-turn and it's much safer. Don't attempt to do a u-turn before Tesco, it's too dangerous even for a Ferrari......

3. For some reasons, they are collecting entrance fee nowadays. To save my money, I'll wait at a bus stop outside and anyone reach there just wake me up. I'll tell you where to find a nice place. You won't want your car with some monkeys on it.

oh, the entrance fees are:
RM1 each person, RM2 for each car and RM3 if you look like a foreigner......

:::::::::Destination survey report::::::::::
I went to Templer Park this morning and had a good geographical insight as well as experience.

The park has 7 levels from ground to the top. The waterfalls are situated at 5,6 and 7. It took 15 minutes for me to reach level 5 and another 15 minutes to level 7. The place suitable for having picnic is at level 5. Level 5 is a hot spot so many people are going there. We have to arrive there as earlier as possible to be the boss there!!!
Be sure to arrive there in time!!

There are some important things to remember.

It is advisable to bring bagpacks instead of handbags or other fancy bags. During the hiking, leave at least one of your hands empty so that you can grab something if something happens.

If you bring fruits, store them in a container or in non-transparent plastic bags. I don't know how the monkeys will react when they see your fruits. Besides that, no bananas! All monkeys have noses and no help provided when a gorilla suddenly appear in front of you.

Bring cameras!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Windows 7 paint is awesome!!!!!

I was instructed to do some paintings again.
This is the class name list and attendants of 2nd ANNUAL GATHERING @ Templer Park

Blue-31+1(yongsheng) , red-15
Blue - "I'm sure I will go and arrive on time that day!!"

Red -"I'm very sorry I can't attend that day and I have my own reasons."

White-"I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting my friends to join, can you ask me later??"


Those who are red have something to say,

9. Shelly : "I have exams la, I need to study, you guys have fun, muacks...."

16. Xiaojia : "I'm working at Malacca. I need money. muax....."

37. Quek : "I love Korea and SNSD more than I can say~~~~"

39. Hokit : "There's no holiday for Singapore that time!!!!!!!!!!!"

42. Bulu : "huh...."

43. Woeishin: "what!!!!!!!!"

Other Important Details:

The gathering date is 3/7/2010!!

If u need a driver, gather at Mutiara bus stop before 8.00AM

If u think u can drive there, gather at templer's park parking site at 8.30AM.

If u think u will get wet, bring extra clothing.

Bring foods and utensils (e.g spoon, fork, plate, teapot, microwave etc) for lunch during our picnic

We'll call fast food from Tzuying's house for dinner.

There's mamak near Templer?

***Give your names to Jenny Cang if u can volunteer to fetch from Mutiara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our mission and objective: meet old friends, farewell for those who will be flying soon..

Further info about Templer's Park, contact those who live there, Tzuying (012-xxxxx), JSsoh(012-xxxxx) or Bingshen(012-xxxxx)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come on, baby!!!

They request for blog update and write something about gathering wor......

YaLor~GATHERING leh????

wait what la??!!
wait December meh???? late luu~~~~
most of us are leaving this place soon.

wait what la?!!
On July some of us are human trafficked to Singapore leh!
want to let them join or not???
If don't want then put the gathering on December la!!!
Some will be in USA, HK, UK, SK2, North Pole bla bla bla la!
then see how many can attend!
If let them join, fast fast plan lor!!!!!!!!!

wait what la?!!
wait what la?!!
wait what la?!!

Want go where?
Do what there?

Suggestion?? Just Comment la!! And Tell us when you are free la!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FACEBOOK EVENT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010



在此当儿,那些拿到统考成绩已有打算偷渡出去,不管是要尝尝外国咸味的、嫌马来西亚天气热的、还是想处处去挖铜的... 切记,这里有个曾教导你的人。


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Date : 29/12/09~1/1/09
Venue : Genting
Participants : you-know-who

Zon Tunda

First things first, had some male games after we arrived.

mahjong almost all the times


Too much alcohol may cause troubles to men...

Jianee played DOTA!

Lityang teaching jianee how to use "items"....This is what we call 损友...

Exchanging presents.
Mayteng got three L-size men underwears

Cheekeng got a spoon...yes, a special spoon.
And I got the nicest present among all...woohooooooooo~

Guess a word from his mouth...

(Photos taken by anonymous with Joel's SLR)
more photos pls take from joel

Special thanks to tzuying for providing such a nice accomodation for all of us
and for fetching me back to my hometown. =)