Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapatty~!!! XD

Today, the chapatty rolling competition was held at the back section of the canteen. The whole canteen was filled full with students and the smell of flour was in the air. Two (2) teams have represented our class to compete in the competition. I took "a few" shots of them in action and also a video at the end. I went off early at 4pm, therefore I didn't manage to take anymore pictures about what's happening after that. Anyways, enjoy! And oh yea, Jia Nee's team scored a 10 out of 10 marks~ I think so. ^^ Congratulations to them~ 5sZhong boleh!!! XD

Can you spot the HM and Ms. Lee Hui Hui?
The 2 teams in action.

Adding water to the mixture.

A great big smile. (From the left: Mei Yi, Zhi Ying, and Xiao Jia)

Jia Nee's surely enjoying but Jia Shing is in doubt.

Now it's Jia Shing's turn to be smiling and Jia Nee's looking shocked? lol.

In action.

Flour-ed up hands. XD

Again, in action.

Rolling here and there in a bowl~

Someone flashing the camera man a "smile"~

I doubt that he followed me just to help me hold my bag. lol

Jia Nee's working hard on the mixture.

Is it ready yet?

Roll it again and again, kneading, pressing, and adding water too.

Wow, look!


A chapatty~ ^^

Still working on the mixture?

From the chapatty roller's view. (Jia Shing and Mint Lii)

Examining the final product. "Is anything wrong?" lol

Sneaking up from behind just to see the chapatty.

Smile~ Yeah, finally finished our chapatty! Kudos to all of you~

And now, an exclusive video featuring Jia Nee's team in action. XD

The Youtube version is below...

That's all for today folks! See you again next time when there's more action happening involving the 5sZhong-ers.

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